Simonyi Konferencia 2011 - Challenges of the stereotopic production (Tamás Vass - Digital Vision)

However, reaching the breath-taking view in the movies requires interesting and rapidly ever developing techniques. The way films are produced via 3D imaging is unique compared to the usual shooting methods. There are tons of challenges to deal with, but as you could see it with your own eyes, experts are doing just fine solving those problems.

This year, Tamás Vass of Digital Vision is going to show us these mysteries of stereoscopic production and their solution used by well-known  filmmakers like Pixar. He introduces us their special platform used for creative grading in stereo projects and talks about shooting problems and how they fix them after. Come and figure out the real 3D experience yourself!

A Simonyi Konferencia a Szakkollégium, és talán a Villamosmérnöki és Informatikai Kar legnagyszabásúbb, hallgatók által szervezett szakmai rendezvénye. Évente egyszer, tavasszal, immáron nyolcadik alkalommal került megrendezése.

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