Simonyi Konferencia 2011 - Economics of Information Security and Privacy (Dr. Márk Félegyházi - Crysys Lab, BME-HIT)

Computer security was not the main concern at the dawn of the Internet age when the network was limited to a few computers only. With the rapid growth of the computer network, security became an important issue. In spite of the growing importance of security, the adoption of these  secure protocols is rather slow. Recently, several researchers argued that Internet security is weak not only due to inconvenient or missing security protocols but also due to the lack of proper incentives for participants to adopt the existing solutions, monitor their systems and share relevant information. In this talk, I will give an overview of Internet security issues from the economics point of view. I will highlight incentive problems that hinder the operation of security protocols, emphasize the trade-offs between usability, security and privacy, and give an overview of potential remedies to overcome the obstacles due to the strategic behavior of participants

A Simonyi Konferencia a Szakkollégium, és talán a Villamosmérnöki és Informatikai Kar legnagyszabásúbb, hallgatók által szervezett szakmai rendezvénye. Évente egyszer, tavasszal, immáron nyolcadik alkalommal került megrendezése.


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Az esemény dátuma: 2011. április 19.