Simonyi Konferencia 2011 - What cRIO system can do in PAC/PLC area? (Péter Attila - National Instruments)

NI (National Instruments) Programmable Automation Controllers (NI PACs) provide the reliability of a PLC as well as the computation power of a high-end PC. They are intended for industrial applications like machine condition monitoring (MCM) or control of industrial machinery where typical PLC controllers are not enough in terms of combining high speed data acquisition and high performance  real-time processing, advanced analysis and control.

NI CompactRIO Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) is a small and rugged platform for embedded control and data acquisition provides integrated signal conditioning and connectivity to virtually any sensor. NI PAC contains an integrated FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip that directly connects to the I/O modules and provides options for timing, triggering, synchronization, sensor-level signal processing and decision making.

With LabVIEW, you can develop applications for industrial control, data acquisition, and human machine interfaces (HMIs) using one development environment to ensure maximum skill reuse. Come and see how LabVIEW and FPGA based PAC systems helps engineers and scientists to solve big challenges such as controlling the world’s largest machines.

A Simonyi Konferencia a Szakkollégium, és talán a Villamosmérnöki és Informatikai Kar legnagyszabásúbb, hallgatók által szervezett szakmai rendezvénye. Évente egyszer, tavasszal, immáron nyolcadik alkalommal került megrendezése.


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Az esemény dátuma: 2011. április 19.