Simonyi Konferencia 2011 - What do we do after information technology? (Dr. Joseph Reger - CTO of Fujitsu Technology Solutions)

We've been using information technology (IT) now for more than a half of a century and it has changed both our private and professional lives in many ways, mostly for the better. Even though questions are being raised about how much efficiency gain we can attribute to information technology, there are no serious doubts about its importance for the future of mankind.

Yet, we witness a debate right now about the ways IT will be used and consumed in the future. Are we going to be able to nurture (professional) IT as in the past and treat it as a very special industry? Or will IT lose its special nature and become a supporting industry in service of other industries? How far reaching can this transformation be? Will IT lose its current visibility, attractiveness to talents and perhaps even importance?

A Simonyi Konferencia a Szakkollégium, és talán a Villamosmérnöki és Informatikai Kar legnagyszabásúbb, hallgatók által szervezett szakmai rendezvénye. Évente egyszer, tavasszal, immáron nyolcadik alkalommal került megrendezése.


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Az esemény dátuma: 2011. április 19.