Simonyi Konferencia 2015 - LBR iiwa and mobile robotics

The robotics world as known today lays within a period of transition which is caused by changing market and working conditions. In the last decades robots were mainly used for high volume mass production in high-wage countries. Within the next years the necessity for more flexible robotic solutions is increasing because of market globalization and consumer demands for customized individual products, this leads at the end to a very high product variety. Additionally, due to an ageing society, the number of workers is decreasing within more and more countries, which leads to robotics solutions aiming to support or replace non-ergonomic manual labor. The KUKA group as a technology driver is taking care of these challenges and provides therefore the new "KUKA Mobile Robotic iiwa" as new intelligent mobile assistant, this combines the KUKA lightweight robot (LBR) and the KUKA omnidirectional mobile platform.

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Az esemény dátuma: 2015. April 21.